Inspiration from Latin American Women Artists

So, I am trying to come up with a art project. One that would showcase Latin American art. In order to conceptualize it, I went to search for some inspiration among self identified Latin American women across the web. I searched on Instagram, Twitter and even among local Latin American artists. What I did was compile a handful of them and list the characteristics that make them unique and how they inspire me as a growing artist. 

Xaviera Lopez (Chilean)

The first artist that is incredibly awe dropping AMAZING is Xaviera Lopez who hails from Chile. Her art combines illustration with video art. Her mixture of these mediums creates such beautiful, whimsical creations. As seen in the video below she brings magical features to show that wonderful aura her subjects have in the inside and out. The reason it calls to me is because she combines illustration with some video art. This type of illustration is something that could accentuate an art concept especially when dealing with conceptual themes such as culture and inner beauty.

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Shalak Attack (Chilean-Canadian)

Shalak Attack is an muralist from Toronto, whose family emigrated from Chile after the military coup in 1970's. Her art is inspired by surrealism, magical realism and Latin American history usually accompanied with large wisps of bright colours. The themes that she uses in her art range from women's issues, Indigenous mythical stories and social issues. Her colourful techniques allow her images to look more powerful and sometimes juxtapose it with harsh and violent social situations such as her mural entitled Deshumidade. This mural is her critique of the Brazilian social situation during the 2014 Fifa World Cup, where military officials forcefully removed people from their homes. Although it an awful situation, she uses colours to highlight the violence, which in a way illuminates the realities that take place in corrupt countries. In some of her murals, she also showcases women in strong poses which show them as powerful, courageous and resilient; a theme that is prevalent in many of her murals.

Lido Pimienta - (Colombian-Canadian)

Lido Pimienta is a Colombian-born artist in Toronto. Her background in art includes an array of different art genres, such as song-writing, drama production, illustration, paint and design. What inspires me most of her is her original illustrations that showcase social issues pertaining to women of colour. She also uses bright colours to highlight the beautiful aura among her subject and uses bold lines to accentuate their ethnic features such as the bulbous nose that is usually downplayed in fashion and european art. Her art is unapologetic and vocal, she is not afraid to show that black is beautiful and is vocal in social issues such as Black Lives Matters. I  would also recommend listening to her music as it usually talks about the same things but in a different medium.

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