My Top Three Restaurant Choices for a Memorable Anniversary Date

Going out to dinner for your anniversary should be special; it should be moment where you can reflect upon the beautiful moments of your relationship. For it to be memorable, you should choose a place where you can talk, laugh, reminisce freely with your loved one. You will want the service to be attentive, the food to be delicious and shareable, while wearing one of your very best outfits. I compiled a small list where you can have all these things.

Baro, 485 King St W,

Baro has the beautiful decor, the environment and music that is meant to celebrate any type of festivity; what makes it even more special is its variety of food choice and entertainment. This restaurant in the King street district, where it provides a variety of options to choose from: from their OG Duck Chufa ($35), a peruvian dish with asian influences to a variety of selection of ceviche with either shrimp or octopus. What’s also great about this place is that when you finish eating you have free access to join their nightclub that specializes in current Latin Music Hits.

Bar Isabel, 797 College St

With a dark and cozy ambiance, Bar Isabel provides its guests an intimate but lively environment as if you were in a small tapas bar in Spain.  What makes this place remarkable is their service, where you can ask the server to suggest a tapas meal; they’ll actually conjure up their favourite tapas and bring them to you come one by one. The menu has a variety of tapas from a curated selection of jamón, cheese, octopus and oysters. If you intend to create your own set of tapas, I recommend choosing their Jamón Serrano ($20) and Patatas Bravas ($10). Bar Isabel also has an uncorking service fee option, where you are able to bring in your favourite wine. This is great if you want to share a wine that is important for you and your significant other.

Mamakas Taverna, 80 Ossington Ave.

This place has that type of delicious food that will have you making making scrumptious noises throughout your whole dinner. Starting with the appetizer you know that the rest of your order will be delicious. Just like Baro, most of the dishes are made to share, so this is perfect for a date and a way of tasting a lot of the food in their menu. I recommend their Grilled Ontario Lamb Chops with bulgar and tzatziki($38), not only is it delicious but picturesque too.